To Slack, or not to Slack…

…that is the question!

One of the things I have been looking at since I produced the initial Team Handbook last Easter was whether, as a team, we move over to start using Slack.

What’s Slack?

For those who don’t know, Slack is a digital workspace.

Slack is basically a messaging app on steroids.

It’s meant for teams and workplaces, can be used across multiple devices and platforms, and is equipped with robust features that allow you to not only chat one-on-one with associates but also in groups.

You’re able to upload and share files with them too, as well as integrate with other apps and services, such as Skype for video calls, ToDo Lists and Trello Boards.

Where do I find out more?

Check it out at

You can also read about it on this article from Pocket-lint, in this Slack Guide or just Google ‘what is Slack?’.

Do we or don’t we?

At our next ‘team check-in’, I want to talk about whether we do or whether we don’t Slack.

Until then…keep Slacking!