Although the number of users of the website have grown significantly since 2011, the website still does not successfully reach and engage with its potential audience.

The primary audience of the website can be defined as:

1) residents of the borough, and their close family, who –

a) need social care help because of illness, age or disability or mental health issue
b) live in housing which is not meeting their needs, or are unlikely to meet their needs in the future, due to their care, health or support needs
c) are considering undertaking an adult learning course, both at a local venue or through distant learning
d) have health needs and long term conditions, and those who’s lifestyles put them at risk of health conditions
e) are considering adopting or fostering a child through Bromley Council, or those who are currently private fostering a child
f) care for someone, without payment, usually a relative

2) professionals and volunteers working with the above residents and their families

Identifying the audience segments, the potential reach for the website audience is [tbc].

We will adding information shortly to explain how we will be increasing our reach across our potential audiences.