Our URLs (web addresses) are designed to follow a consistent, predictable, user-friendly format.

We need to create short or ‘friendly’ URLs when we create pages in Umbraco.

Our URLs must:

  1. be clear, easy to read, easy to type and easy to share
  2. must be in lower case
  3. exclude unnecessary words, for example, use /benefits or /benefits-guides rather than /a-guide-to-benefits
  4. use a verb, where possible, for example, /apply instead of /applying
  5. be based on user need rather than the (current) name of a policy, scheme or service, which might change

Some pages might have more than one URL attached to it. This can be due to redirecting old pages which have been retired or when we use different links for different audiences or campaigns.

Some sections and sub-sections also incorporate their ‘family’ name at the start of their URL. These must be agreed with the Product Owner: Bromley MyLife before they are used.

Examples of our URLs

Below are examples of some of our URLs.

Single URLs –

‘Family’ URLs –

Campaign URLs –