The objective of the beta phase is to build a working version of the service based on our alpha prototypes.

The version we build must be able to handle real transactions and work at scale.

We also need to keep improving our service and replace existing services or integrate with them.

What to do in beta

We need to do the following in the beta phase:

  • improve our service by testing it with users based on the user stories we created in the alpha phase
  • release the pages into public testing
  • carry out regular accessibility testing

Public beta testing

A public beta is a version of our service that’s available for any member of the public to use.

At this stage, our test pages should be given the URL of –


Our pages are labelled as beta with the following text:

“This is a new service, your feedback will help us improve it” 

We need to add a link on the “your feedback” wording to our feedback page.

How long the beta phase takes

The length of time our beta takes depends on the scope of our project.

We usually run the beta phase for 4 to 8 weeks.

When we are ready to move on to live

After the release of our beta, we must keep iterating and improving our service.

Our service is ready to move on to the live stage when we are sure:

  • we can support it
  • we will be able to keep iterating and improving it until it’s retired
  • it is meeting our user needs