The live phase is the time to keep improving our service.

We should do this based on:

  • user feedback
  • analytics
  • our ongoing user research

Before we go live

Before we can make your service live, you must make sure:

  • the service meets the user needs we found in the discovery, alpha and beta phases
  • we have a plan for the transition or integration of any existing services that meet a similar user need to ours
  • we can support the service
  • we will be able to keep iterating it and improving it until it’s retired

After we go live

After we move to the live phase we should keep improving our service based on user feedback, analytics and further user research.

We should remove the beta reference from the page title and page.

At this stage, our pages should be given the URL of –


We should also:

  • continue doing user research
  • monitor the status of our service
  • maintain quality assurance

Keep finding things that need improvement, do research to get the best solutions, iterate, then release.