Our service may eventually need to be retired, for example if policies change or if there’s evidence that users’ needs have changed.

When retiring a service we should must user needs in the same way we did when we built the service.

Consider user needs

We need to consider how the user need our service met will be met after our service is retired.

It might be the case that:

  • the user need no longer exists
  • a new service will meet the user need
  • the user need will no longer be met

If a new service will meet the need

If a new service or services will meet the user need then we should work with those services’ teams.

We should share our experiences, findings and knowledge of the user with them so that they can learn from them.

Telling our users

Retiring the service means a significant change for users, but we should try to minimise it by telling them:

  • what’s changing and why
  • what they’ll have to do to continue to have their needs met in future

If we are replacing pages with new pages, we need to transfer the existing URL to the new page.