During the lifetime of our website – since 2011 – we have only had three branding schemes and logos.

This is the short story of our life:

Our first logo and brand

When we were created in 2011 we had a simplistic logo to support our launch.

Designed by our platform provider the logo focused more on the product name than the Bromley aspect.

It also had two colours – an off teal and orange.

Here it is:

(c) Bromley MyLife logo – 2011 to 2016

Our first rebrand

In 2016, to celebrate the 5th birthday of our website, we decided we needed to change the logo and our branding.

We wanted a new logo that was simple, clean, almost classic in its style, but that also looked modern & was digitally friendly!

We also designed a new colour scheme and typography for the website, along with a new strapline.

Here is our second logo:

(c) Bromley MyLife logo – 2016 to 2018

Our 2018 redesign

We started 2018 with a revised branding and logo.

We kept the colour scheme and strapline, but implemented a revised typography and we implemented a new brand mark.

Here is our new logo:

(c) Bromley MyLife logo – 2018 onwards